Dodge City Has Jobs!

State-of-the-art medical services

Dodge City Medical Center is the premier physician-owned medical clinic facility in Southwest Kansas, dedicated to medical excellence with a caring and professional atmosphere.

wp-helicopterDodge City Medical Center has 25 doctors, one nurse clinician and a physician’s assistant—offering 13 different specialties.

Dodge City Medical Center provides physicians on call 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week and offers an Urgent Care Facility beyond regular office hours.

With the recent completion of a cardiac care unit and medical helicopter at Western Plains Medical Complex, Dodge City has also quickly become a regional center for hospital services.

Dodge City boasts more doctors, nurses and medial care personnel than most other locations in the region. A full-time medical helicopter transport and twin-engine turbo-prop medical air service give fast and efficient critical medical transport  around the region.

A helicopter transport service provides direct transport from field sites to Western Plains Medical Complex, making it the fastest service available in Western Kansas. This special service also provides unique abilities to go straight to the site of medical need, especially important for service to accidents in the agricultural industry and on rural highways and roads.

Dodge City’s medical services are not only an excellent opportunity for careers, but provide peace-of-mind for Dodge City and Western Kansas residents.