Dodge City Has Jobs!

CNN Comes to Dodge City

As much of the nation continues to struggle with the economic recession that has plagued many of our communities, Dodge City, as well as Ford County has not. According to the Associate Press Economic Stress Index, Ford County is ranked number one in the nation for being least stressed. The attention caught national media news group CNN who reported on the success of the community.

News Anchor Tom Foreman interviewed a panel of community leaders, as well as the local Dodge City/Ford County Development Corporation’s Director Joann Knight on the successes of the community. Two reoccurring needs, workforce and housing continue to be the largest concerns for the community. When asked about how the community has become successful in a time of recession Jeff Hiers responded, “We took a vote and decided not to participate in a recession.”

The CNN crew televised and interviewed Winter’s Feedlot, Boothill Museum, Dodge City Depot, and community leaders throughout the Ford County area. “These are very exciting times to be participating in,” says Knight. “We are happy to publicize our success and hope to continue the positive impact with the growth we are experiencing.”

“Everyone seems to give everyone else credit,” commented Foreman. “We haven’t seen the “me” leadership, the “I” leadership. It’s the “we,” stated Joe Bogner of Western Beverage. The panel continued to comment on the team efforts of the area. “To be a community you have to embrace the needs of everyone, to invite everyone to the table,” said Jeff Thorpe, Boot Hill Gaming.

CNN aired a clip of the community, as well as published letters to the President Obama about our area. Also airing will be a thirty-minute segment called “Building Up America” which features successful Kansas communities. To view the video segment click here. To view the letters written to the President click here.