Dodge City Has Jobs!

Facts and Figures

Population. We’re just the right size.
Dodge City/Ford County, Kansas is just the right size—rural living with small city amenities. Along with Dodge City, there are three rural towns out in the county: Bucklin, Spearville and Ford. Here are 2006 population estimates:

Ford County – 32,458
Dodge City – 26,101
Bucklin – 735
Spearville – 872
Ford – 330


Education. Our future.
Dodge City makes education a priority. We know our youth are our future, with nearly 6,000 students in the county’s public school districts. From pre-school through college, Dodge City offers it all. We have new and remodeled schools everywhere and more on the way. Here’s the scoop:

Dodge City: 8 Elementary, 1 Middle, 2 Intermediate, and 1 High School 
Bucklin : Elementary, High School
Spearville: Elementary, High School


Vocational Training Facilities
Colleges: Dodge City Community College with enrollment over 2,000 students. Four-year outreach courses are offered locally by Fort Hays State University, Friends University and Newman University.


Retail/dining. Eat, drink and shop merry.
Dodge City is home to the finest shopping and dining in Western Kansas. An indoor mall, several mini-malls, downtown shopping centers as well as a variety of neighborhood stores.

When you’ve shopped yourself out, try our dozens of  restaurants: Mexican, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, and franchise restaurants of all types and sizes. Whether it’s a burger or burrito, enjoy local cuisine and cocktails in size settings from tiny to tremendous.


Religion. It’s at our heart.
A strong spiritual lifestyle has always been a part of this Midwestern city. With nearly four-dozen churches and on the newest Catholic Cathedrals in the nation, you’ll find nearly every denomination and non-denomination represented. Both English and Spanish services are offered by many churches.


Medical. It’s all here if you need it.
You can count on state-of-the-art medical services. A full-service hospital is equipped for 24-hour emergency care, including a full cardiac care center, emergency helicopter transport, 24-hour emergency care, Poison Control Center, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and hi-res CAT scanning,

Dodge City boasts several full-service doctor and dental clinics, a medical center, a birthing center and surgery center. MRI and other imaging facilities are available in several locations. Physical therapy centers and chiropractic centers are also available. Spearville and Bucklin also offer clinic services.

High-speed medial air transport services are also on stand-by at Dodge City Regional Airport.


Transportation. We’re a hub of Western Kansas.
Rail Service : Atchinson, Topeka & Santa Fe, Southern Pacific and Amtrak. Recently restored  historic1898 Santa Fe Depot.

Air Service
Dodge City Regional Airport, a dual-hub airport, is located three miles east of Dodge City. Commercial air service provided by Great Lakes Aviation to Kansas City and Denver. Charter services through Crotts Aircraft Service. Ballard Aviation (Eagle Med) provides medical air transportation services.

Air Freight Capabilities: Service in Dodge City is handled by UPS, Pony Express, DHL, Federal Express and United States Postal Service for both ground and air.

Truck Carriers: Dodge City and Ford County are served by approximately 20 trucking companies.